I will turn your shed
into a masterpiece..

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Samuel Côté, born January 30, 1997 is a young artist from Quebec City, borough of Charlesbourg. He chooses the sculpture into moose sheds because of his passion for nature and for these majestic animals living in Quebec’s forests. Since he was 7 years old, Samuel drew freehand with a remarkable agility. At school, he was accumulating perfect scores in ‘’Fine Arts’’ and his teachers entrust him projects at the height of his talents. On spring 2013, after seeing on the Internet an antler carving made by an American artist, he had an instant lightning strike for this type of artwork. That’s when he decided to equip himself to undertake the sculpture. To his amazement, his first antler carving has been sold instantly on Facebook. Since then, this young autodidact artist continues to improve himself in the creation of his works. By his attention for details, he managed to breathe life back to his antlers with authenticity. Today, he did of his passion a full-time job and sells his artwork all around the world.